RJ&Partners hosts international conference in Cracow

RJ&PARTNERS is pleased to announce that we have hosted on 21-22 September 2019 international legal conference gathering representatives of law firms associated in CLG – Commercial Law Group association.

The discussion during the Cracow meeting was dedicated to problems of ownership right in order to adapt it to the constantly changing worldwide market conditions.

Partners from RJ and participants had a chance to collaborate on panel including market practices, establishing an overview of the issues of limiting the ownership right and discussed the main challenges of comprehensive use of the ownership and copyrights. The abovementioned problem was considered as a threat to entitlements, which characterize the ownership right in all legal systems throughout the world.

The CLG debate also covered the problem of adjusting the statutory provisions governing the ownership right to meet the changes on the global market.

Kacper Górniak from Karasek & Wejman Law Firm – PhD, associate at the Law and Administration Faculty of the Jagiellonian University was the guest at the conference.

CLG – Commercial Law Group – is an international network associating twenty three law firms from Europe, United States, Israel, Republic of South Africa, Mexico and Malaysia. It gathers over 400 lawyers of various areas of expertise, ensuring the legal assistance in all areas of law. For more information on CLG and its activity, please refer to the website: https://www.clglaw.eu/

Michał Kubicz – Attorney-at-law, Partner